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O.T.G SP 404 Soundbank

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O.T.G SP 404 Soundbank

Brother O.T.G

These are my collected samples from my Personal SP404 SD card. By request, I added these for you guys to purchase. I am meticulous about my SD cards in these folders you'll find over 500 Melodic Samples Spread across multiple folders. You'll find Autosampled One notes of Bass, Strings, Guitars, Pianos, Bells, Horns, and More. Different Velocity and Different Keys Perfect for Chromatic mode, and Using envelopes to Build the perfect sounds in your beats. These are my personal melodics I've gathered from my library of sounds, and auto-sampled sounds from Komplete and various other Synths.

Simply Unzip the File.

Drag and drop on Your SD Card.

Restart your SP404.

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500 + Melodic Files
Bass Notes
String Notes
Piano Notes
Guitar Notes
Synth Notes
Brass. & Horn Notes
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