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Reason 12 Masterclass

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This Masterclass has over 4 Hours of Reason 12 Tutorials. In these tutorials, you'll learn how to use blocks to arrange, how to utilize automation, how to create with the reason soundbank and nothing else, you'll learn different methods and workflows using reason players, and so much more.

You will receive lifetime ownership of the course with new videos added weekly! Access to my discord with the ability to engage with me directly, you'll also receive my Personal Reason Soundbank of go-to sounds! These videos are long-form content (meaning no edits) so you can see every step of the way, the decision-making, and how to build your next beats!

Check out my tutorial on the redrum below that was featured on Reason Studio's Youtube channel! (this video is included)

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Arrangment Tutorials
Redrum Tutorials
Sampling Tutorials
Blocks Tutorial
Kong Drum Tutorial
Bassline Generator Tips
Automation Tutorials
Workflow Tips
Mixing Tips
Routing Tips
Discord Invite
Reason / Ableton Live Tutorials
Reason / MPC Software Tutorials
Reason / Maschine Tutorials

Reason 12 Masterclass

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